During the spring of 2020, I was asked by

Studio Eighteen to give my interpretation of their newly designed denim suit. This happened during the beginning of the pandemic when we were forced to spend most of our time inside.


Whether this happened in a conscious manner or not, these circumstances made me seek a safe space, close to home, where I'd take the photos. After wandering for some time, the answer appeared to have been closer than I thought: my own balcony. When the weather is bright, this spot is entirely illuminated with the sun; turning it into a warm and natural setting. In my perspective, this connects to the expression I wanted to give to the suit in the photographs: elegance, confidence, and sensuality. The model I chose matches these aspects well. When turning the lens inward, it also led me to be creative with the attributes which were present. For example, the reed mat, which was adjusted to the balcony fence, creates an exotic pattern when the sun shines through. Further, the yellow drapes elicit a warm and playful setting.

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ig: studio.eighteen.id